As a mother of three, I love the fact that today is National Lazy Moms' Day, but really, does anyone believe this will happen?

I'm not saying that it's a bad idea. On the contrary, I think it's an excellent concept. I mean, Mom, you've been there for the kids all summer, Now that they're back in school, you should be able to take a day to be absolutely lazy. No housework, cooking, or laundry. And, if you're a Mom who's home while the kids are in class, this might be a possibility for a few hours. (brace yourself for tomorrow's inevitable 'What do you MEAN you didn't wash my uniform?) Of course, many of you are working while your kids are in school, so the idea of having a few lazy hours just isn't reality. I mean,  you already made sure the kids had breakfast (I don't LIKE Cheerios), matching socks (MOM! Where are my shoes?), and lunch money(Can I have an extra dollar?). A Mom's job is truly never done.

Of course, those same children will eventually come home.  And when they walk through the door, what happens? The backpacks are flung on the floor (or on the nearest chair) and the kids immediately start asking things like, 'Why don't we have any potato chips?' or 'You remember that you have to take me to field hockey practice in a half hour, right?'

But, just for today, I encourage every Mom to find a few self-indulgent minutes to be lazy. Read a book (okay, a chapter of a book), take a walk by yourself, or maybe splurge on your favorite treat. Let someone else do the cooking.(Dad? Pizza Hut!) When I was growing up, my Dad would often ask if my mother wanted to ride with him as he went on service calls, and she'd always drop everything and hop in the car. Her theory was that the housework would still be there when she got back. It's great advice that I follow whenever I can. (of course, my Mom's house was still always spotless. Mine...not so much)

Enjoy whatever time you do get today, Moms. I'll be thinking of you.

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