It's a testament to the incredible craftsmanship, determination, and sense of community in Unity. The progress in rebuilding the Amish Community Market is coming along extraordinary fast.

The progress has been amazing to see. Only months after a fire destroyed the Amish Community Market and Bakery in Unity, the new store could open as soon as May. The new building is coming together at an incredible pace. Builders prepped the cement pad for a new layer concrete on January 29. Fast forward 12 days, and the walls and trusses went up, metal roof on, and the exterior wrapped.

The progress is being documented on the Amish Community Market and Bakery's Facebook page.

According to the page, the new store could reopen by May 31. They say the opening date is dependent on receiving products for the store.

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The fire broke out the afternoon of January 20. Fire officials say two people inside the building were able to make it outside safely. Unfortunately the building was a total loss. The Thorndike Road business had just reopened after their yearly two week inventory and cleaning.

Terri Bishop Boulier of Freedom drove by the fire, even before the firetrucks had arrived, and posted this video on Facebook.

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