If you were to decide to move away from Maine, and I know not many do, but what criteria would determine what other state you would move to. Some people retire to Florida. That must be mainly the weather, and if you’re a resident no state income tax.  Some move for job or career reasons.  Ask me.  I’ve lived in many states, and Canadian Provinces. Some move because their adult children have relocated, and they want to be near the kids and the grandchildren. Maybe some would move because the cost of living is cheaper elsewhere. So we have weather, cost of living, and being nearer close family.

Would you ever move because of the number of fast food restaurants in your new chosen state?

Hold on, just in case there is one single person who would. If you love fast food restaurants, and want them on every corner, move to Hawaii.  Of all the states, Hawaii has the highest concentration of fast food restaurants in relation to its population.  Hawaii has about a million and a half people living there. Around the same number of people as Maine.  But Hawaii has 1,365 fast food restaurants.  I know Hawaii has numerous islands, but that’s a lot of burgers and fries. Not to mention moving there for the weather, incredible life-style, and insanely expensive cost of living.

For some perspective, Alaska has the fewest fast food restaurants per person, with 61.9 per 100,000 people.

Here’s the info for the whole country 

And Maine with approximately the same population as Hawaii has 1,150 fast food restaurants, hundreds fewer than the state with the most fast food restaurants per capita.

Time to re-think that move?  I think not.

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