The owner of an Alton towing company is facing charges after allegedly towing vehicles without any prior notice.

How Were Police First Alerted That There Was An Issue?

Police first heard of the alleged illegal activity in December of 2022, when several Bangor area residents expressed concerns over why their vehicles had been towed. They told authorities that the 'All Towed Up' towing company out of Alton had taken their vehicles due to various parking violations but without any known prior request by police or property owners. The victims told authorities that they were forced to pay the owner of the company a large impound fee in order to regain possession of their vehicles.

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Who Was Arrested?

Bangor officers launched a lengthy investigation into the allegations and found sufficient evidence to pursue charges. This week, an arrest warrant was issued for the owner of All Towed Up, Bruce LiCausi Jr, 19, of Bangor. He was taken into custody from a location in Alton and charged with theft.

What If I Think I Was a Victim in This Case?

Now, Bangor Police are asking that anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of similar conduct by Mr. LiCausi to call Officer Nicholas Canarr and report it. Officer Canarr can be reached at 207-947-7382. If the activity occurred outside of Bangor, people are encouraged to contact their local police department and report it.

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