Two Acton women were injured while trying to break up a fatal fight between their dogs.

The Portland Press Herald reports the dogs were intentionally introduced by the owners, for a social visit on Sunday. The woman who was visiting arrived with two dogs on leashes, who were greeted by the homeowner's 12-year-old mixed breed named Kramer.

One of the visiting dogs, a pit bull, attacked the 27-pound Kramer, biting him on the neck. The two women tried to break up the fight, using a rake, a hammer, and a hose. But the much larger dog continued the attack until Kramer died from his injuries. Both women were also bitten by the attacking dog as they attempted to stop the assault.

The York County Sheriff's Department says the pit bull had recently been adopted from a shelter. It's currently in quarantine while the Acton Animal Control Officer investigates.

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