Seriously I should be paid royalties on this idea because I thought of it years ago.  However lacking the ability to invent the darn thing I am thinking I won't be seeing a check anytime soon. And for the record I am glad someone with the programming chops finally made a way for your smartphone to know when your car is moving and leave you alone to...oh I don't know, DRIVE!


I have ridden with folks, especially those with kids whose phone is dinging constantly while they are driving. And let's be real here, if you tell your kids not to look at their phone while driving but you do the exact opposite what do you think makes the larger impression?

What Apple has created to compliment your smartphone is a very smart software update called the “Do Not Disturb While Driving”. What this puppy does is sense what the car is moving and prevents notification for popping up.  Oh don't worry your friends and family won't be left in the lurch.  The new software will send them and aotumated message that informs them that you are currently driving and that once you reach your destination you will respond. Brilliant.

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