First, an assumption, that most all of us are law-abiding citizens. When we speed, it is only a little over the limit. "Yeah officer, just keeping up with traffic."

And when the pandemic hit last year and we were first told only essential travel from home, like going to work and back, that is what we did.

When they said to wear a mask, people bought two or three colorful cloth masks, or masks supporting the Patriots or Red Sox or Black Bears.

Then we had to follow arrows in the grocery store and that is what we did because it was effective for social distancing and efficient in that there was more room in the aisle.

Most wash their hands more than they used to. And going forward, if you get sick, you will not go to work.

When they came out with vaccines to halt the spread of Coronavirus, and their age group’s turn came along, they were first in line.

People who were deeply affected by the pandemic had -- and still have -- our empathy.

Now as we all are thinking this thing is mostly over and behind us, comes news that maybe it is not. Here comes the Delta variant.

Do most believe that if they get coronavirus they will die? Doubt that. Although as a society we could all shed some weight, most everyone is fortunate enough to be healthy enough to recover if they got it.

However, those who have not been vaccinated are the ones who are going to be spreading the virus and fault needs to stop with them for not being part of the solution to put the pandemic further behind us.

So as the potential for the return to more stringent rules -- or at this point suggestions -- rears its head, is society, in general, going to be as cooperative to do what is thought to be beneficial for all?

Who knows?

Everybody has been through so much that they didn’t want to go through, so at what point does society just say "Enough, it is too much if everyone is not on board?"

Are people going to stay home, or wear a mask when they go out, or stick to one-way aisles in stores so that as a vaccinated person they don’t spread the virus to someone who refuses to be vaccinated?  Seriously?  Who knows?

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