The search will resume today for a fisherman from Old Town whose boat was found drifting several days ago in Washington County.

UPDATE: Mr. Wheaton's body was recovered on Monday, May 15th. 

When Was he Last Seen?

Lowell Wheaton, 62, of Old Town was last heard from on Thursday of last week, when he told his family that he was going to his camp on Pocumcus Lake. The Washington County lake is located west of Baileyville.

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Authorities were notified that something might be amiss when his canoe was found on Friday, with no sign of Wheaton. The boat, which was outfitted with an outboard motor, was found drifting with the fishing gear still inside.

Note: This is a correction. We originally reported that the boat was found overturned. We have since learned from Game Warden Mark Latti that it was, in fact, upright with gear still on board.

What's Involved in the Search?

Officials say the search for the Old Town man has been hampered by weather over the past couple of days, but will resume today. Maine and Passamaquoddy Game Wardens are searching the area around the pond, checking shorelines and camps where he may have sought shelter, as well as combing the lake with divers, boats, and by air.

Latti says today a dive team is on Lake Pocumcus, searching with an underwater ROV, and scuba divers. They have been actively searching since Saturday afternoon.

Pocumcus Lake is approximately 5 miles and one mile wide, with a maximum depth of 44 feet. Pocumcus Lake is part of the West Grand Lakes area, as Sysladobsis Lake flows into Pocumcus Lake, which then flows into West Grand Lake.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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