When spring rolls around, I find myself divided into two halves. One half is excited that the weather is warm and sunny, and then the other slowly starts to remember that road construction is about to begin any second. And you know, honestly, it's never that bad. I might be held up for, maybe a minute or two? Yet I always react like the world is about to un-create.

Depending on how you feel, this may be good news, or bad news, but WABI TV-5 is reporting that the Maine Department of Transportation has suspended a few of it's upcoming projects this summer, because the bids coming in are absolutely bananas. Some estimates coming in are literally 100% over the bid.

So locally, that will affect a few projects that were on the DOT's schedule. South Main Street in Brewer, and likely continuing on in Orrington on Route 15 will have their paving suspended for the time being. There was also work scheduled for Stillwater Avenue in Old Town, that will now be halted.

There were other spots as well, headed south toward Rockland and Owl's Head. Likely these will all come up again in next year's budget, but right now, the DOT is just trying to keep the money in the coffers.

It's definitely a double edged sword. It's nice to think about a few spots that won't be choked up with construction, but there will probably be a lot of extra swearing going on over the dodgy roads. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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