We've all been there. A pit party you should've left a couple hours earlier, or you let a  friend talk you into just one more drink. Or maybe you've been fortunate enough to be the designated driver and just got to sit back and watch the boozy tragedies happen. At any rate, Mainers can notoriously put away the booze, and have the craziest stories to tell about it after.

Now, because we all know I'm a sucker for click bait, a link online caught my eye, all about signs that you learned to drink here in the good 'ole state of Maine. There's a pretty extensive list you can check out at MatadorNetwork.com, and some were just too darn explicit to share here. So I'll share the safe-for-work highlights.

  • You’ve felt the Sunday wrath of a Saturday devoted to Nasty-Gansetts.
  • You still drink all of your childhood favorites — chocolate milk, hot cocoa, little cartons of milk — except with Allen’s Coffee Brandy in them.
  • Your youth tastes like Dysart’s curly fries with Malibu sauce at 3am.
  • You’ve spent a long night drinking at Paddy Murphy’s and woken up with vague memories of shots taken with your old high school English teacher.
  • You’ve attended parties on Stud Mill Road (Milford?) where the only identifying landmark was a turned over five-gallon bucket.
  • You’ve used a river to chill a gas station level bottle of wine.

Like I said, there's some gold on the rest of this list you may want to check out for fun. Maybe even see how many of the things you've done on it. I know I've certainly done things that weren't even on there, and probably you have too. Heck, make it a drinking game and see how many new things you can cross off!

In any case, if you are Maine born and bred, you have probably lived some of these adventures. So maybe you should just go ahead and thank your liver now for all the memories. Or just throw it under that 5-gallon bucket on Stud Mill Road.

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