A mother and daughter from Benedicta settled a lawsuit against the Maine State Police for failure to protect them before Anthony Lord's 2015 crime spree.

What Was Involved in the Crime Spree?

In the days before the deadly rampage, Brittany Irish had called the police several times asking for help after she said Lord had kidnapped and raped her. Brittany wanted Lord found and arrested. The devastation that followed those requests led Brittany and her mother, Kimberly Irish, to file the lawsuit.

In July of 2015, Anthony Lord set fire to a barn belonging to Brittany's parents, before traveling to Silver Ridge Township, where he attacked Kary Mayo and stole Mayo's trucks and guns. He returned to the Irish home in Benedicta the next morning and kidnapped Brittany. But before they left the residence, Lord killed her boyfriend and father of her two young children, Kyle Hewitt, who was asleep on the couch. Lord also shot and wounded Kim Irish and shot at Carleton Eddy who had just driven to the house to check out the damage from the fire.

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After leaving Benedicta, Lord shot at police during a high-speed chase. He eventually pulled onto a woodlot and shot Kevin Tozier of Lee and Clayton McCarthy of Mattawamkeag. Tozier died of his injuries. Later that day, police caught up to Anthony Lord at his uncle's house, where he surrendered to arrest. He told police he was distraught over the death of his 6-month-old son. In 2017, Lord was sentenced to life in prison.

What Were the Details of the Settlement?

The Maine State Police Troopers named in the lawsuit were determined to be liable, and not eligible to be protected against prosecution by qualified immunity. According to the Portland Press Herald, the case was set to go to court in February but was removed from the trial list because of ongoing settlement negotiations. Last month, the case was settled for $500,000. Half of that will go to Brittany, $100,000 will go to Kimberly Irish, and $150,000 was awarded to Kyle's Hewitt's estate.

As part of the settlement, Kimberly Irish is banned from making damaging statements against the state or police. In addition, officials say it's not an admission of liability on the part of the state, but is a compromise on disputed claims.

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