It's a warm one today! Maine is seeing a little taste of Spring.

Whenever the temps rise to a tolerable level, Mainers rejoice. It's a quick break from the cold, dark and gloomyness of a long Maine Winter.

Safe to say a lot of folks are doing at least one of these things today.

  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Washing The Car

    Any day when the temperature is above freezing Mainers take advantage to get all that road grime off the vehicle. We all know the corrosive power of the stuff used to keep Maine roads clear of ice and snow. It's a great opportunity to get the car looking clean and shiny, until you splash through a puddle 50 feet down the road.

  • Steve Mason, Getty Images
    Steve Mason, Getty Images


    It's probably the last thing you'd want to do on a nice day, but it's an opportunity to get the walkway back down to bare stone or pavement. Now you won't have to penguin waddle up to the front steps for a change.

  • Spencer Platt, Getty Images
    Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    Wear Light Apparel

    Ditch the parka for the day. It's a great feeling shedding the 15 layers of apparel to prevent freezing to death just stepping outside to get the mail, right? Right! You'll also probably see someone wearing shorts today. There's always "that guy/gal."

  • Philipp Guelland, Getty Images
    Philipp Guelland, Getty Images

    Get Outside

    Sunshine and mild temps has a way of dragging Mainers out of hibernation. Whether it's walking down the block, or through the woods, it's nice getting out of the house and into the fresh air.

  • Sean Gallup, Getty Images
    Sean Gallup, Getty Images

    Less Complaining About The Weather

    Instantly Maine isn't that bad. A little taste of the great weather that's a few months away can cause one to change their plans of moving to Florida.

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