Looks like more than just tourists flock to Vacationland every year. With dozens of UFO sightings reported every year in Maine we tried to narrow down the "hot spots."

Every month people in Maine report sightings of UFOs across the state. Luckily there is a website called UFOStalker.com that keeps track of these reports and marks them on a map making it possible for us to see where the most have been seen.

So in light of the CIA's recent release of its 'X Files,' here are 5 places the most UFO reports have been in Maine according to UFOStalker.

Where do you think would be a hot spot for UFO activity in Maine?

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    This area had an overwhelming majority of the Maine sightings. Most of the other sighting hot spots are in more populated areas which could be a factor for why there are more sightings, but this area is not as populated and still has more than 30 sightings beginning in 2003.

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    The majority of the Bangor sightings happen around Broadway Park to Downtown. Some of these reports could be just something flying in or out of the Bangor International Airport or the Air National Guard Base, but who knows for sure?

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    Portland/South Portland

    Portland also has an airport which could add to strange things in the sky overhead. Most of the reported sightings have happened along the Eastern Promenade and other coastal areas.

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    Who would have thought our Capital would be a hot spot for alien activity!? All UFO activity in this area seems to revolve around the Kennebec River, surprisingly not our Capitol building.

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    Belfast to Prospect

    All along US Route 1 from Belfast to Prospect, people have reported seeing a triangular shaped object in the sky. One report was in broad daylight, and another one was reported back in 1992.