Back in August, we told you about how a message in a bottle made it from Maine, all the way to Scotland. Granted, it took 21 years, but it went somewhere, and someone actually found it. Recently, a young man from Provincetown, MA, Paul Mendes, discovered one half buried in the sand, according to the BDN.

The message was placed in bottle, and set upon the ocean back in 1983! Likely, the bottle washed up on the shore, and got caught/buried in the rocks, and took years to be discovered. The message was from then 11 year-old Jenny Brown of Jonesport. The message was pretty concise: write me.

The gentleman who discovered the bottle has been putting some effort into trying to find Jenny Brown. But since so much time has past, and she is quite possibly going by a different name, he hasn't had much luck finding her. though these days, if they do find each other, there are more efficient ways of staying in touch.

But that shouldn't stop anyone from tossing a message in a bottle and letting it go. you never know where it will go. It may end in Mass. It may end up in Scotland. It may end up right back on the beach you threw it from. But that's not the point. The point is connecting with people. Which is just a nice sentiment.

Maybe bottle up a Christmas card?! With any luck, it'll get all the way up to Santa!

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