There are plenty of Maine locations that people identify with the famous author, Stephen King. But, chances are, there are a few places you may not know about. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of 25 actual places for you to visit to take a tour of the famous author's home state.

We'll take you to locations that were part of his childhood in Orrington and Durham, schools that he attended in southern Maine, a pond that inspired scenes from 'Stand by Me', the building that budded his relationship with his lifelong companion and fellow writer, Tabitha, as well as the places and locations used in movies and inspired things in his famous works of literature.

This list of 25 places throughout Maine are locations that were the settings of Stephen King's upbringing here in the state. These places molded the author's experiences and inspirations while he grew into the writer and creator we know that has manifested of some of the scariest things in literature and on the silver screen that people worldwide know, love, and, frankly, are completely terrified of.

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Take a tour of Stephen King's Maine and learn about the human behind the icon and the places that still stand or once stood that will forever be connected to the 'Master of Horror' in his home state of Maine.

25 Actual Locations of Stephen King's Maine

Get to know the actual places in Maine that were apart of the famous author's upbringing and inspiration. From childhood homes to where he met his life partner, Tabitha, we take a tour of Maine using actual locations of the author's past.

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