More than two dozen cows perished as the result of a truck crash on a Connecticut highway.

Where Did This Happen?

Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue, from Sandy Hook, Connecticut reports their crews were called to the scene of the crash at West Exit 10 in Newton at 3:31 Thursday morning. When they arrived, they found a cattle trailer filled with cows that had rolled over on the off-ramp. The driver was reportedly not seriously hurt in the crash that resulted in the deaths of at least 14 cows.

Were All of the Cows Killed in the Crash?

According to WVIT-TV, the dairy cows were being transported from Maine to Ohio at the time of the crash. Eight of the cows died at the scene. Farmers from the area were called to the scene, as well as a veterinarian, to deal with the cows who were injured and others who were not hurt.  As a result of the vet's examination, six more cows had to be euthanized. 30 cows survived the crash.

Why Were Some of the Cows Euthanized?

Connecticut State Troopers were called upon to euthanize the cows. The decision was made with the cooperation of the owner of the animals and followed regulations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture because the meat would not be fit for human consumption.

No one else was hurt in this incident, which remains under investigation. At this point, Connecticut State Police have not given any indication of what may have caused the truck to roll over.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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