Let's break it down

It's called the 12 Gigs of Riffmas.  Riffmas is a takeoff on Christmas using his first name, Riff.  Gigs, is substituted for the word Days.  Riff Johnson plays 12 gigs, tries to raise 12 grand and donates the money to make it a Merry Christmas for 12 Maine families who might otherwise not have the best holiday.

This all started eight years ago with a simple conversation about how to help others.

Wonder Why He Does This?

As a kid, for religious reasons, Riff's family didn't celebrate Christmas But he was always a little bit envious of those who did.

That is why he does it. For that Christmas spirit, creating a warm and fuzzy feeling that he never had as a kid

Rift donates money from his gigs, and tip money, and donations for the 12 gigs and he and an unnamed committee find 12 needy families in Maine and split the proceeds

So if he hits his goal this year 12 gigs - 12 grand, each family will have $1000 worth of Christmas

Riff Johnson
Riff Johnson

Riff Johnson will be halfway through after tonight's gig, (Thursday the 8th) at Penobscot Pour House in Bangor starting at 7:30 pm.

Here's the remaining appearances, 7 through 12

Friday December 9th at Tap 62 in Dover-Foxcroft beginning at 7:00 PM

Saturday December 10th in Brewer Kostas restaurant starting at 7

It starts at 1:00 PM on Sunday the 11th in Pittsfield at Vittles

Wednesday the 14th Riff is off to Belfast for a 6 PM start at Bowen's Tavern

Friday night the 16th of December 6:00 PM place to be is Penny Lane in Brewer

And the 12 gigs of rift miss wraps up with the 12th gig on December 19th a Selfie Space Online Spectacular at 6 pm which you can join at riffjohnsonmusic.com

So as Riff said

it's the season to feel warm and fuzzy.

Let's help those who are struggling more than we are with inflation and make it a Merry Christmas for them too. Or is that a Merry Riffmas

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