There are plenty of places to go for a skate here in Maine. There are a few uncertainties to weigh when going out on the pond or lake for a skate. Or you can skip that uncertainty and find a nearby rink set up by your town or one nearby to go for an outdoor skate.

There are many places in and around the Bangor and Down East areas to enjoy outdoor ice skating that are close to town and may be part of other activities to enjoy the local food scene or some local shopping while you are out and about.

Check out our list of 10 places to go ice skating outside this winter. It'll be good to get moving during these cold months and find a way to have a little fun during the coldest time of year.

Caldwell Ice Rink in Brewer

Located on Acme Road, this ice rink is near the Penobscot Ice Arena in Brewer but provides an 'unroofed' wintertime experience.

Bangor Gardens Park in Bangor

Located on Sherman Ave in Bangor, this park sits in a the Bangor Gardens neighborhood of Bangor.

Broadway Park in Bangor

This park spans both sides of one of Bangor's busiest roads but has lots of space for parking.

Chapin Park in Bangor

Located near the Broadway Historic District of Bangor, you'll find this little park with an ice rink for outdoor skating.

Fairmount Park in Bangor

Located on Norway Road in Bangor, here's another location to do some outdoor skating.

Stillwater Park in Bangor

Closer to the mall area in Bangor, you can find this park that is listed by Bangor Parks and Rec as an additional location to do some outdoor ice skating.

Eddington Ice Rink

This newly added rink to the area is located near the town office on the Airline Road/ Route 9 in Eddington.

Orono Ice Rink

Check out this pop up rink across from the Town Office in Orono on Main Street.

Knowlton Park Ice Rink in Ellsworth

Ellworth's Knowlton Park has it's rink ready to go and even lights on for nighttime outdoor skating.

Bucksport Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Bucksport's outdoor rink is located on Miles Road near the High School.

Bundle up and get outside this winter! Enjoy your rink time this winter in the Bangor and Down East area!

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