Dog is coming back!

Like many of you I get curious with my television watching, whether it be to find out what a Kardashian is, or a Honey Boo-Boo for that matter, I just gotta see for myself. Hence was the case a few years ago when I just had to tune in for an episode of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter.'

One look at the picture and you know exactly of whom I speak. With that gritty, tough-guy look and signature mullet-ish hair style, Dog--whose real name is not so tough: Duane Chapman--and his bride Beth, go after lawbreakers that are running from justice.

Much to the dismay of  Dog, A&E cancelled the show after eight seasons of quality viewing. I think mostly because Dog made some racists comments and was even arrested in Mexico once.

But CMT came to the rescue by throwing  the 'ol Dog a bone with shooting scheduled for a spring or summer premiere in the next few months. CMT is really where he ought to be anyway, don't ya think?

Many have made the comment that Dog and Beth are the best bounty hunters in the world. If that is indeed true, where were they when the search was on for Bin Laden? Just sayin.'

For the full story on Dog's return, click here: Dog Comes Home

If you've never seen an episode, here's a little something for your viewing pleasure: