The signs of Spring arriving in Maine are all around.

Many yearn for a glimpse of green grass, crocus, and robins as a sign of renewal from the cold and gray backdrops of winter in Maine.

Landscapers and vendors are putting the finishing touches on their displays and wares as the Bangor Garden Show opens this weekend.

Kelly Donnelly is the Events Coordinator for Bangor Daily News which sponsors the garden show.

"This year we have a much more family friendly event so there's going to be lots of kid-friendly activities," states Donnelly.

Over 100 vendors, and 8 landscapers, are waiting to greet you and they've put a lot of effort into their displays.

Justin Difrederico, Landscape Coordinator for the Bangor Garden Show, says the creativity and quick work by the landscapers has been impressive.

"Logistically it's been amazing because this building has the facility and resources to get us in and out very quickly, and very easily," explains Difrederio.

100 yards of mulch, 50 pallets of stone, over 150 different varieties of plants in 8 different landscape exhibits now fill the floor of the Cross Insurance Center.

Sure signs of Spring!