I was born and raised in Maine, for which I'm eternally grateful.

While I cannot accurately be described as a rugged outdoors woman, I'm most content when I'm outdoors soaking up Nature's beauty.

Those who know me best, know they're not to box me up in an office without a window!

Perhaps that's one of the reasons I love my job the most when I can get "out in the field" to report on scallop diving with a Maine fisherman, or trekking through the woods with a Maine Forest Ranger to talk about tipping.

So I would dare say that if I had any regrets in life, other than not becoming a national park ranger, it would be that I didn't pursue my dream of using my skills to create and produce an outdoor show, or doing the voice over work for the Plant Earth series. Damn you Sigourney Weaver!

As a kid, I always watched the Bud Leavitt show on TV, and I'm a fan of Bill Green's Maine too. But I always thought a good 'ole Maine girl ought to get in on the outdoor show action.

You can imagine my thrill today when my husband texted me to tell me to check out the video he captured this morning from our morning room window.

I hope Bill Green will indulge me as I share with you, Susan Patten's Maine.

Between the turtles, baby ducks, deer, fox, and a husband who serves as a willing photographer, I need only explore my own backyard to discover, and share, The Beauty of Maine.


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