Today is National Dog Day 2013! It's no secret to anyone that I love dogs. I talk about our dog Copernicus often, but for this special occasion, I wanted to share someone else's admiration for the canine set. Jimmy Stewart wrote a poem for his recently-deceased best friend and read it on The Tonight Show years ago. Incredible!

For anyone who has experienced the loss of a dog, you'll totally understand what Mr. Stewart was feeling as he wrote this poem. And how he was experiencing it all over again as he read it.

Get the tissues ready, because this reading will break your heart. I can think of no more fitting tribute to what our four-legged friends bring into our lives. Their unconditional love and loyalty bring peace and happiness to those who know them.

Jim and I lost our beloved Floyd last year, and we talk about him often. Although he's gone from our lives, he's never gone from our hearts. Bless Jimmy Stewart for putting that emotion into words. Happy National Dog Day 2013!