Some 40 years later I still get excited by the circus coming to Bangor!

Like hundreds of thousands of other children, I eagerly looked forward to that road trip to Bangor to see the Shrine Circus.

Little did I know back then that I'd have an important part to play in the circus and so do some of my friends and family.

The Shrine Circus is this weekend and one of my favorites parts is that amazing group of people who transform themselves into the Shrine Clowns.

I have family and friends who devote themselves to entertaining children of all ages with their colorful costumes, crazy hair, and big feet. This weekend I'll be behind the scenes capturing some of their magical transformation which I'll share with you in a future post.

I'm extremely proud of the part my family and friends play in entertaining folks and raising much needed revenue to support the Shrine's work.

I'm also truly honored to have the opportunity to start one of the circus performances this weekend by singing our national anthem. Two of my musical friends will also be singing the anthem.

Here's a little sample of the three of us singing together, although at this year's circus we'll be singing individually, and we hope to see you there!