Because the power is on you're able to read this post.

Presumably, you were able to take your morning shower, make coffee and breakfast, and head off to the office, or start your morning routine.

Now imagine accomplishing all that with out power.

Our electrical infrastructure is aging, vulnerable, and under constant assault, and when State Representative Andrea Boland started to investigate some of those threats she quickly realized just how vulnerable and she introduced LD 131, An Act to Secure the Safety of Electrical Transmission Lines.

An amendment to the bill passed both houses of the state legislature, almost unanimously, and was sent to Governor LePage's desk where it was allowed to pass into law with out his signature.

Representative Boland explains the law calls for the study of, and recommendations for a course of action the electric power companies can take to harden our systems from the EMP threat.

EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, can be caused in two ways.

A massive solar flare could cause devastating EMP effects, and have in the past.

The other way EMP effects can be caused is by a terrorist-created nuclear detonation in our atmosphere.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission has already started its follow up on testimony given before the legislature's committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology and will have a preliminary report prepared by June 20th.

The final report is due to the legislature in January of 2014 so it can fully understand the threats and mandate specific actions to protect our electric infrastructure.