Every morning when I get to the office, by 4 a.m. by the way, I have a few things I do as I am getting ready for my day. I am on the air at 5 a.m., but before that I go through material, looking for things of interest to talk about during the morning show.  Things that hopefully relate to the Q106.5 listeners of many ages.  Lots of times I see surveys and that always interests me, because personally I like to see where I fit in with what other people are thinking, and I believe lots of listeners think the same way.

Lots of people are working from home, that pre mid-March, went to the office.  There are lots of my fellow workers in various jobs that are in group.  If you are working from home, or wish you could, my blessings to you.  I have no interest in that. I want to come into the studio every morning. Of course, I do lots of off air stuff I have to do for my job from home, but I wouldn’t want to do everything from home.

Back to the survey. I saw a survey that asked people who are working from home what they missed most about not being in the office. The number one answer, for two-thirds of people was that they missed seeing their co-workers and friends.  Makes sense I guess.  Other obvious answers given were that they missed face to face meetings and hearing office gossip,.  Again, all expected answers.  However, 13% of respondents said they miss their bosses’ jokes.  Seriously. First thing I thought, was your boss in the room and looking over your shoulder when you were answering the survey?  Or do you work with a comedian?  I bet I could think of dozens and dozens of answers before that  one came to mind.

Hey boss. Did you hear the one about…

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