Going stir-crazy? Still pretty much 'holed up' at home, and only going out for the essentials. Feel like you're missing out on life? Trust me, you're not. I whined about the only trip I've done in the past now close to 7 months was the quick trip to Connecticut to visit my brother, and see his daughter's new baby girl.

Reality is the places you might be longing to go to visit are actually overcrowded, overpriced, overrated and not the fun that we're led to believe. Partly because they're so famous. This travel site disses so-called attractions

Stephanie Keith

.Times Square  is a destination for most any of us that go to New York City. But why? It's overcrowded, and lined with chain restaurants that are here in Maine. You want to see street hustlers trying to get you to part with your cash, head to Times Square. Otherwise, stay away.


Faby Vanyo

Mexico has some beautiful spots, and although Cancun has the same beaches and gorgeous color of the water and the sky, Cancun is mostly full of American tourists. Why go all that way to see drunk, obnoxious young Americans.  You can find those in Maine too.

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A trip to Hollywood California includes the Walk of Stars. But only because you can't avoid it. It's just a sidewalk, with names.  Names that stars have to pay to get their plaques placed on the sidewalk. And you'll find another bunch of people trying to sell you something, or get you to give them cash 'just because'. Who needs it.

Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor

With all that's going on when it comes travel, here's all we really need to get distracted from current life stress and issues. Just a path cut into the woods. Walk. Enjoy. Be grateful. We live in Maine.