Ask anyone with a sweet tooth in the state, especially when the weather gets warmer, and they'll likely have a recommendation for the best places to get a good scoop of ice cream.

I put out a little informal poll, across social media and to the Quarantine Kitchen Facebook page (cause let's face it, based on the pictures those folks post, they know what they're talking about when it comes to tasty treats.) Based on the more than 200 responses I got, here's where Maine (in no particular order) likes to go to cool off with a frozen treat.

There were a ton of honorable mentions, including the Lakeshore Restaurant in Dexter, Dorman's in Rockland, Smiley's Ice Cream Shoppe in Brunswick, John's in Liberty and Stone Fox Farm Creamery in Searsport.

I am sure we missed some, so feel free to head to our Facebook Page and add your favorites in the comment section for this article. Can one ever really have too many options when it comes to good ice cream spots? I would say no.

Top Ice Cream Spots In Maine

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