Oh oh guys.  Here we go again. Pressure time. What do I get her for Valentine’s Day.  It’s not like we need to go overboard, but something with even a tiny bit of thought and caring does go a long way.

We’re not in New York City or Los Angeles, where every woman has to out-do each other with jewelry.  Earrings. Necklaces. Rings. I’m betting Maine doesn’t lead the nation in jewelry sales for Valentine’s Day.

All the traditional stuff seems like such short term appreciation.  Yeah the flowers were nice, but wilted and gone in days. Candy appreciated, but so many woman don’t find pleasure in sitting around eating bon bons.  Just a card seems like it’s not enough, but when we write something personal and thoughtful inside it does go further than just grabbing the first one you see. “Rose are Red. Violets are Blue”

To further complicate the process along comes a survey that says we’ll spend an average of $165 on Valentine’s Day. And when you break it down men will spend an average of $231 and women spend only $101.  This must include going out to dinner which is harder and harder to do during pandemic. And this figure of $165 is down $31 from last year.

Who are these people, and why are they making the rest of us look so cheap, and non-thoughtful and un-caring.

The most popular gifts are candy, cards and flowers, but I’ve decided on a gift.  I’m going to shop local, and get her a shovel, and an ice scraper so she can have my car ready in the a.m.  Only kidding. How about a case of wine, since I think it was me who caused her to drink. An entire case of wine and I bet I still don’t hit the average total that they say men spend. Oh well. Rose are red, Violets are blue.

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