Hey, hold up.  Some places continue to require that you still wear a face mask.

While the Governor has officially repealed the face cover mandate beginning today, Monday, May 24th, you'll still be required to wear a face mask while conducting business inside any Bangor municipal building until further notice.

As you're probably aware, here in Maine you are no longer required to wear a face mask within a public setting, if you have been vaccinated, as Governor Janet Mills signed the Executive Order titled "An Act to Repeal Certain Face Covering Requirements" just last week.

But business owners and others, including City Governments, can still require customers and the general public to wear a face covering while inside a business or a city municipal building, and that is exactly what Bangor City officials have done.

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In a Facebook posting yesterday, the City stressed that even though face covering rules have changed statewide, it's policies concerning face masks within City buildings have not.

The City will still require it's employees to wear face coverings while working indoors and also while engaging the public both inside and out.  The City will also require the public to wear a face mask while conducting business inside a City facility, which includes the Bangor School Department, the Bangor Parks and Recreation's Childcare program, Bangor International Airport, and aboard all vehicles within the Community Connector transit system. Yes, if you want to get on a public bus, you'll still have to wear a mask.

Remember, many transactions can be conducted online at BangorMaine.Gov.

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