Here's a hell of a movie night. The brave can watch the new Conjuring movie at the house that inspired the horror franchise.

The new horror movie The Conjuring 3 – The Devil Made Me Do It will be released next month. The film is based on another legendary case investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren. A unique way to catch the film -- watch it at the house that started it all. The actual Conjuring House is located in Harrisville, Rhode Island. It was purchased by Mainers Cory and Jennifer Heinzen in 2019.

After purchasing the iconic house of horrors in 2019, the Heinzen's have rented the house to paranormal investigators and other brave souls. Known as The Farm on Round Top Road, it was notoriously investigated by Zac Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew in 2019. The 2021 schedule is completely booked with investigations. However, for 20 brave movie goers, you can view the new movie June 7.

In addition to the cool/creepy factor of watching the flick in the actual Conjuring House, participants also get to see the actual haunted toy dinosaur that was taken from The Devil Made Me Do It case. The toy is part of the collection of haunted items at Ed & Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum. Other items from the museum will be on display as well.

Tickets are $350. The event is capped at 20 participants.

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