Hold the phone. Yesterday was April 15th and nobody was freaking out.  At least over paying taxes. It was a quiet day.

Mostly it is a scramble. Not for me, but for the tax preparer I use.  Actually, he gets all the documents timely from me so he does not have to work until the last minute.

And mostly I have to write a check to the Feds and to the State of Maine. This year no exception, but everything was done about a month ago, including sending off the check for the additional taxes owed. Even though, like last year, due to the pandemic the tax deadline has been extended to May 17th.

Wonder if we’ll have a second wear your pajamas to work day next month?

Personally, I always use a tax preparer to do my tax return. They are a little complicated because of additional income earned outside of Maine and an investment property out of state as well. No way would I know how to correctly fill out the different forms required for the I.R.S. And paranoia of making a critical error and them thinking I was trying to get away with something. Shawshank isn’t for me, no way would I last a day.

And it is not just me. Check out this actual headline: Americans would give up caffeine and sugar to avoid paying taxes. And the article went on to say giving up watching television is on the list too. So is showing your Boss your computer history. Those 4 things would be a lot harder than paying the outstanding tax due.
Hope you get a refund or already have.

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