Could you sleep here with ghost cats dashing through the walls and a young ghost girl looking for her companion?

The Chapman Inn in Bethel is the only Maine Inn listed on the National Haunted Inn Registry but with good reason! The story behind the haunting here is sad and spooky, but it doesn't keep guests away!

The inn owners are not shy or wary of sharing the hauntings here. According to their 'Come Meet the Spirits' section on their website:

Some of the many unexplained events include doors that open and close by themselves, footsteps where no one is there, and cold drafts in closed rooms, even during the summer.  Female voices, one very young, have been heard emanating from empty rooms.  There have been two reported sightings of a black cat that exited the room quickly when the room was entered.  Normally this would not be an issue, except the cat left the room through a solid wall.

A strange story accompanies the theory behind who the hauntees may be! The house once belonged to William Chapman and his invalid child Abigail. Abigail was sick and only lived to be 16 years old, but in that time she was always with her hired nanny/ companion. After Abigail's death the nanny stayed in the home with William and his new wife and kids.

When William died in 1927 he left money to his widow and children, but strangely left the home and enough money to run it to the nanny. The nanny remained in Bethel in the home until her death in the 1950's. It is assumed to her her and Abigail's spirits roaming the home to this day. The theory is that Abigail wouldn't leave her lifelong companion and only friend.

To read more about the Chapman Inn or to book a room (if you dare) click here.

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