If you spend much time downtown in Bangor, you've likely seen all those cool wheatpaste murals that look kinda like they were glued on to the side of buildings. They've depicted all sorts of different things, from bees, to flowers, etc.

And now, the Downtown Bangor Partnership, is taking submissions from March 28th - April 6th, for artists who would like to see their works displayed the same way this summer, says a Facebook post from WABI-TV5.

This year, they are going to accept twice as many submissions, and hoping for pieces to be placed in just about twice as many locations as last year. Each artists who's accepted will be guided through the creation process. They not only get to learn how to do wheatpaste murals, but all the materials, and associated costs will be covered by the DBP.

Artists will be responsible for scouting out locations, and getting permission from building owners. They do have a few secured locations, if folks have a tough time getting a spot of their own. But the DPB will deal with the city, and also the cost of removal when the time comes.

If this sounds like you, today is the first day of submissions, and it goes for two weeks. If you'd like to submit a piece for approval, you should check out this webpage. If it's approved, you'll get very detailed instructions on what to do from there. Really, they take care of all the hard work for you. You pretty much just have to follow through on a few small details, perform a bit of manual labor, and then your art goes up!

Good luck to all who enter, and it'll be so great to see some amazing new art downtown this summer!

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