I’m a word geek.  I’m a nerd.  I do a crossword puzzle every day, without fail. And I like to think I’m a pretty good speller, although with spellcheck and autocorrect, who really knows, I suppose. I’ve spelled each word correctly so far, without using spellcheck or without autocorrect kicking in.  But they’ve become so commonplace now that I wonder is it even important what kind of a speller one is. Presto. Correct spelling now.

When I saw the article The 11 Words Most Commonly Misspelled in Google it hit me, because number one on their list is a word I really have to stop and think about the correct spelling.  The word is separate.  Mostly misspelled ‘seperate’.  Zucchini is second on the list. Must be googling for recipes, although they can’t be ripe yet. Questionnaire is next.  Why do they need the extra n near the end?  Potato is misspelled potatoe.  Remember VP Dan Quayle?  Google him and the word potato.  Then comes Diarrhea, Definitely and Embarrass.  Definitely sorry, diarrhea can be embarrassing.  See what I did there.  Conscience is next. I’ve always remembered how to spell it by separating con and science.  I’m sure you have your own tricks too.  Maybe we could hold a Q106.5 Spelling Bee since the Scripps National Spelling Bee for 8th graders that is always televised has been cancelled due to coronavirus.  Those kids are unbelievably talented.

The Ninth word on the list is Unnecessary.  Scroll back and see the line about spellcheck and autocorrect.


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