Maine State Police have issued a warning to drivers after a woman left her vehicle on I-295 to take pictures of a crash.

Was Anyone Hurt in the Crash?

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says the crash happened just before 2:30 Saturday afternoon in the area of mile marker 4 on I-295 in Portland. State Police responded to a report of a rollover crash on the northbound side of the highway and when they arrived, they found a GMC Sierra in the median. An initial investigation into the incident indicates that the driver, 22-year-old Eli Solodiuk of Westford, Massachusetts had lost control of the vehicle, which struck a guardrail and went across both lanes of traffic before rolling over. Solodiuk was able to get out of the vehicle and suffered minor injuries. He was transported to Maine Medical Center.

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Officials say it appears he was going too fast for the road conditions and had partially bald tires on his vehicle. The northbound travel lane was shut down for approximately 50 minutes while officials cleared the scene.

Where Did the Woman Stop?

While police were working to investigate the crash and remove the vehicle, a Trooper noticed a woman who had been traveling on the southbound side of the interstate who had stopped her vehicle in the median. As he watched, the woman ran down to to the crash site and was taking pictures of the disabled vehicle. The Trooper told the woman she was trespassing and needed to leave.

Officials say the woman was extremely argumentative and allegedly told the Trooper that she was not doing anything illegal. She left the scene before the Trooper could get her personal information.

What's the Warning from Police?

The Maine State Police Department has issued a warning to drivers that stopping a vehicle and getting out on the interstate is not only a safety issue, but is also illegal. Had the Trooper been able to get the woman's information and/or registration, she would have been charged with several violations to include obstructing government administration, obstructing public ways, criminal trespass, and pedestrian on a divided highway.

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