I was born in the middle of nowhere. The first in my family to be born in a hospital. But it sure wasn’t much of a hospital.  My late Mother used to say “It wasn’t a real hospital. It was someone’s 4 bedroom house out in the country with a sign that said Hospital out front on the lawn” So yeah, middle of nowhere, and lots of woods around.

Since then I’ve living in a few of the biggest cities in North America, and although I enjoyed living in the fast paced, always on the go, cities, I still appreciated getting ‘out into the country’.  Going for a walk.  Smelling the fresh air.  Getting away from the beat of the city. You don’t hear any car horns honking when you’re out on a trail walking  through the woods.  And the air is so much purer. The whole experience is so calming on the nerves. Feeling tense, stressed, uptight or whatever, just a few minutes walking in the woods will cure what ails you.

Maybe the reason I love the woods so much is genetics.  My paternal Grand Father was a farmer.  And had quite a bit of land. Only part of the acreage was used for farming.  Lots of the property was just woods. And in the late fall, early winter he would put on his lumber jacket and get out there and cut trees. So maybe the reason I love walking in the woods, and try to do so each and every weekend, is because it’s in my blood.  No argument from me.

Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor
Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor


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