No blame. Just facts.

First the story about why the move. First, the building that Flex was located in, The Grind Building, is owned by the Desert Harvest company.  They make nutritional supplements and need all the space in the original building that housed Flexit.  Here  is the story of the original move.

The original prediction was that they would be up and running in the new location, 3 doors down, by Labor Day.

Obviously, Labor Day has come and gone. So has Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

But as of last week they are open at the new location, 142 Main Street in Ellsworth. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tradesmen only have so many hours in each day, and they are being stretched with repairs, maintenance and new construction. Plumbers and electricians and carpenters are all needed in too many places at the same time. And that was the cause of the delay in opening the new Flexit.

Some additional items have been added, some others subtracted from the menu from the former location just yards away.

An addition to the menu is more hot items adding to the variety of cold sandwiches Flex it is known for.

The ‘vibe’ of hanging at the Flexit Café for a sandwich, a cup of coffee, or the new hot food items carries on.

And if owner Paul Markosiaan needs a cup of sugar he can go next door to borrow it. Finn’s Irish Pub is next door and is owned by Lorena Stearns.  They are married.

Who says married couples can’t work side by side? Especially when they are in separate buildings.

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