I've heard it said at least four different ways, but do you know which way the right way to say it?

This neighborhood is in the north end of Bangor is full of homes, families and some businesses. With so many people living there, you think word would get out on how to pronounce it!

We have heard it said K-Part, Cake-Park, K-Park, and Cape Art. But it is really called CAPEHART! When you say it fast in conversation we understand how it could be hard to understand, but now you know.

Capehart was originally used to house those involved in Dow Air Force Base and has since become low to moderate income housing with apartments, and houses for rent most of which is owned by the Bangor Housing Authority.

There is a New and Old Capehart, but it is all Capehart, not Kay Part or any of those other crazy names people think it is.

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