So, who would gun down three cows standing in a field? One has to wonder.

Were you just on a late night rampage? Were you drinking? Were you mad about something else and needed to take your rage out on something? Or, did you think that  bovines were destroying the blueberries?

Back on September 19 on the blueberry barrens owned by Cherryfield Foods in the small town of Beddington off Route 9, three cows were gunned down in all of their innocence.

You see cows really don't do much other than stand there chewing their cud. They may look to the left and then look to the right every now and then, but they don't do much else.

Cows are easily shooed away when they meander through an unlocked gate and then make their way into unknown territories like blueberry barrens. Most people will stop and lend a helping hand to a farmer trying to corral their mistakenly freed animals.

Not whomever shot these bossies. Boom, boom, out go the lights.

Killing any animal belonging to another person without the consent of the owner or without legal privilege is a Class D crime in Maine, and state officials with the Maine Animal Welfare Program are asking anyone with information about the cow killings to call 207-287-3846 or email

We hope that whomever found it thrilling to take down these animals with the small chance that they were possibly preventing them from trampling the blueberry barrens, is caught and taught a lesson.

Find something else to shoot.

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