Which Country singer is selling this unbelievable Nashville home for $10 million dollars? Can you guess?

I'm a bit of a real estate buff, meaning that I love to go on realtor.com and check out homes for sale. So today I thought it would be fun to check out the houses in Nashville, Tennessee, one of my favorite places on Earth. I hit the selector button to find 'most expensive' and this house came up as #3. Even for $10 million dollars, it seems like a lot of house!

As I looked at the pictures, I realized that the house (can you call this a 'house?' Mansion!) must belong to a Country musician, because of the drums under the piano, the music rooms, and collection of guitars. So I was determined to figure out which star it belongs to. It took some investigative work, but I figured it out. Can you?

I'll give you a couple of hints; Pay close attention to the coat and hats in the dream closet, and notice a worded phrase that keeps popping up in a couple of different rooms. That phrase signifies a foundation run by this member of a popular Country duo. Whoops, there's another clue!

Give up? Click here to learn the answer or to find out if you guessed right! And while you're here, remember to enter here for a chance to win a trip to the CMA Festival in Nashville. Maybe you could drive by the house and check it out for yourself!

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