That's Amore.

There’s a full moon tonight.  I was thinking that was a song too. Must have been. If not, it should be.

And tonight is the night.

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October’s full moon, the hunter’s moon will shine tonight. Might be a tad cloudy in Maine and not ideal for viewing, but it will still be there.

And because the full moon is glowing, it will hinder the view of the Orionid meteor shower tonight.

The moon will be 99% full on Thursday. So tonight is the night.  The Sunset is at 5:42 p.m.

Maybe the whole process should have waited a week for Halloween.

Like last year.  Full moon on Halloween last year was the second full moon of last October, first one was on the first. Two full moons in the same moon is the rare blue moon.

May tonight’s full moon bring you health, wealth and prosperity. FYI, November full moon is November 19th, a Friday. And because daylight saving time ends on November 7, it’ll occur earlier in the evening due to the return to standard time.

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