When I was a kid in high school, my summer job was working at the Post Office as a casual letter carrier.  One of the supervisors took me under his wing and told me a few things that I have remembered all these years later. He said ‘People are so lazy, that if you told them not to come into work, just come in every second week to pick up their paycheck, it wouldn’t be long before they tell you they are busy and could you deliver the check’.  Always remembered that.

So, with Covid 19 in mind, it you live in Holden and don’t want to go trick or treating on Halloween night, not to worry. The Holden Police Department is doing a free, home delivery of candy for kids who aren’t going to go door to door this year.

"Is that Chief Greeley at the door?"   "Oh, oh, What have I done now."  "Nothing, I’ve been a good ghost or goblin this year."

Townsquare Media Bangor

If a child, parent or anyone living in Holden calls the Police Department they will be placed on the delivery list.  A Holden Police Officer will deliver a little bag of treats, right to their house, on Halloween night. And it’s all free. Holden residents only, call 843-5442 now to get on the delivery list.

Congrats to Holden Police Department for such a great community idea. “Any Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in that little bag”

Jennifer Barrow/Thinkstock

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