If I met you, pre-virus of course, and I fist bumped you instead of shook your hand, that's just me. Sometimes the thought of shaking someone's hand, well you know. So a fist bump always worked for me. But going forward, when it's all over how are we going to greet each other?

Would you shake hands again? Who knows where that hand has been. I think that society will change. The day will come not that many years down the road when people are saying "Can you believe they actually touched each other like that in 'the old days'. Shaking hands, ha ha. What were they thinking"

So if we stop shaking hands, what are we going to do? I gotta think a hug is out of the question. And some countries, male, female doesn't matter kiss each other on the cheek. That's going away I'd think too.

So No kiss on the cheeks.  Lips, forget about it.

What's left? A bow like the Japanese? Or is a wave going to be the new norm? In England, Benny Hill used to pat people on top of the head. I guess that'll be out too. High Five anyone?

My bet is that a verbal greeting will replace all physical contact, and although it'll take some getting used to, I guess I'll be okay with that.

Although the Vulcan salute from Star Trek would be cool.  Think about it. And know I've got my fingers crossed that whatever society ends up adapting, it comes sooner rather than later.


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