When I was a kid, game shows were required watching.

Between my various babysitters, grandparents, older sister, etc., staying home from school meant one thing. Lots of forehead kisses, chicken noodle soup, and game shows. Granted, the game shows were always followed by soap operas, so even at a young age, I learned to take the bad with the good.

But man, for those first few hours in the morning, I'd watch all I could. And while I am still a HUGE fan of The Price Is Right, I also used to love Wheel of Fortune, and I'm even old enough to remember when it was on during the day, before the primetime slot it's held since 1983.

This fall you can go see 'Wheel' live in Portland.

On October 13th, the Wheel live show is coming to the Merrill Auditorium. It will feature a lot of the same excitement of the actual TV show, but with a few twists. Of course, the biggest twist is that you're not going to see Pat Sajack or Vanna White. They're busy filming the actual show on the West Coast, so it will feature different hosts.

I imagine it'll be some b-list celebrity like Mark McGrath or Ty Pennington, hahaha. But it'll still be a blast, and there will be cool prizes, undoubtedly. Now, you will need to audition ahead of time to get on stage, but that shouldn't come as any big surprise. Check out their website for details on that.

Lots of Mainers have been on the big show before, so we're well represented from the Pine Tree State. If you want tickets, you can get them right here online. The Merrill isn't a gigantic venue, so tickets will go fast. Scoop 'em while they're hot and enjoy the show. Hopefully they still at least make the audience scream, WHEEL... OF... FORTUNE!!!

Also, enjoy some awesome puzzle fails from the show...


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