Your favorite might be going for a long, quiet yet thoughtful, walk with the dog.  Maybe it’s the smell of fresh baking cookies in the oven. Or getting into bed, with clean sheets after taking a shower.

Pretty good start.  I like all of the above. I also like listening to the radio when I drive. Sitting on the patio during a rain storm.  Skating on a sheet of freshly Zamboni’d ice.  Is Zamboni’d a word? Hockey people get it. Getting lost in a good book. Watching The Shawshank Redemption for the hundredth time, maybe more.  Probably more.

Point is that except for the skating, it’s all stuff we can do no matter where we’re at with the corona virus lock down. And for our mental health, and the sanity of our loved ones, it’s all stuff we should be doing as we deal with the psyche of all that we have to live through. It’s easy to find other things to occupy your time, whether it’s work related or not, but if you find the simple pleasures that give you peace of mind, work those in to your mundane routine as often as you possibly can.

As we socially distance, be kind to those you encounter. It’s as much for yourself as it is for them.  Making someone else smile, makes me smile. Behind the mask or not.

Things are getting better.  We are slowly pulling out of this. We have hope. Go enjoy a simple pleasure in life.

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