This is sort of two fold. I discovered a Time Magazine Science website and ended up spending a lot of time with it.

If you're curious what the upcoming solar eclipse is going to be like from different parts around the country, this website replicates what percentage level the eclipse will be at when you enter a zip code.

This is not going to be total darkness or close to it in Maine. I remember as a kid, on a family vacation, at a picnic site on the side of the road somewhere in Maine witnessing a total eclipse and saying 'that's it?'

But, oh to be in Macanda Illinois on Monday the 21st. FYI the zip code you'll need is 62958. It'll be the center of the universe for a few brief moments. It's a town of 600 people, about a 6 hour drive from Chicago. Word is that town will be over run with tourists, wearing those cute special glasses.

Don't waste the whole workday on there.

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