When asked about summer grilling habits, can you predict what item was mentioned most?

Now to make you hungry as you think about what order the items should be listen in, go ahead and scroll.

svetlana foote

Now, I love fish. But I know there's no way that fish is at #1 on the list. No matter how good that looks.


Doesn't a whole chicken look good. Not good enough to top the list, or course.  But that's a good lookin' bird


No way was that photo taken in Maine. Those aren't red snappers. But where do hot dogs finish in the list of favorite grilled items.



Brats are on the list of top, but no way do they finish first. Right?

Brandon Bourdages

Not the best looking ribs in history, but ribs coming off the bbq are pretty special. Okay, now we're going to get serious.


Now we're talking. Steak. Love it nice and rare, who's ready to eat.  Is steak at the top of the favorite items grilled?  Maybe. Maybe not.


I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Are hamburgers the go-to-protein on the grill this summer.

Enjoy your meal. And thanks for playing along with Q106.5 Morning Show's Mouth-watering Poll of the Day.


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