Kenny Chesney brings his Trip Around the Sun Tour to Bangor Thursday night. What does his set look like? 

Spoiler alert, we have an idea of what Kenny Chesney will play when he brings his Trip Around the Sun Tour to Bangor. We know some of the excitement of a concert is wondering what he'll play next. Don't read further if you want his performance to be a total surprise.

However, if you're curious if he'll perform your favorite tune, we have a rough idea of what his set will include. Obviously the order and tunes may change, but according to this is what his set looked like earlier in the tour.

Kenny performed this set last weekend in Nashville:

  1. Beer In Mexico
  2. Reality
  3. Till It's Gone
  4. Summertime
  5. Pirate Flag
  6. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
  7. Somewhere With You
  8. I Go Back
  9. Get Along
  10. Anything But Mine
  11. Save It For A Rainy Day
  12. When The Sun Goes Down
  13. All The Pretty Girls
  14. Living In Fastforward
  15. Young
  16. Noise
  17. American Kids
  18. Setting The World On Fire
  19. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (With David Lee Murphy)
  20. Dust On The Bottle (Cover with David Lee Murphy)
  21. Party Crowd (Cover David Lee Murphy)
  22. How Forever Feels
  23. Just Don't Happen Twice
  24. ENCORE: She Thinks My Tracker's Sexy

We have a couple of set predictions to add. David Lee Murphy performed with Kenny at the show we're sighting in this article. So we think "Dust On The Bottle" and "Party Crowd" may get dropped from the set. He may do a solo version of "Everything's Gonna Be Alright," despite it being Murphy's tune. Also, it's tradition for Kenny to play "Boston" at his New England shows, so we're hoping he'll add that tune to the set.

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