Corona Virus sucks. There I said it. But this is not about that side of the coin. Flip it.

And think about what makes you happy. I bet it helps.

I'm happy I'm alive, healthy and breathing. Everyday is a good day when you are as blessed as I am. I love getting up every morning, at 3:21 am. Get it, 3-2-1. Go. My feet hit the floor and I think, I get to go be on the radio. I've felt that way for so many years. And another thought at that time of the morning is a shower. Love that. And coffee. Love that even more.

I'm happy when I get to walk with the dog. I love how he runs and runs and circles back, probably wondering 'What's keeping you', and how if he's 50 yards away a simple whistle has him running towards me like Secretariat on the way to the finish line.

I'm happy when I can interact with my family. Hearing the stories, asking questions, trying to figure out what the parts of their lives that I'm not involved in is like. Job. Separate friends. That type thing. And I'm happy interacting with my siblings. Sometimes too much time goes between calls, texts or emails, but it always makes me happy that we pick up where we were and instantly the banter and one liners start flying back and forth between us.

I'm happy playing hockey. Words can't express how much I miss playing hockey. I enjoy watching too, but there's nothing like playing. Nothing.

Think about what makes you happy, and be happy.


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