Guess it is all in our minds isn’t it. How we look at things determine how we react to certain situations. Sometimes we freak out over the least little thing. Other times we’re totally calm and collected when even Mother Teresa would be yelling and screaming and jumping up and down. You pictured that, didn’t you.

A Redditt thread recently asked What is not that serious, but can still ruin your day.

The answer should have been nothing. Right.  You’re not getting to me, today, I’m living the dream. It's Friday.

However, when I pulled into the parking lot, someone was in the spot where I usually park.

And oh yeah, I had to stop for gas on the way to work  I hate that.

Did I tell you I discovered after I’d already left the house for the day, I realized my underwear was giving me a wedgie. And I left home without my travel mug full of coffee.

Oh and when I woke up this morning, my good dream wasn’t finished, but I had to get up and get ready to go.

And last night after I went to bed, and got so, so comfortable, I had the sudden urge to pee, so I had to get up. Ugh.

Just thought of something else. I have been craving meatloaf for a few days, and forgot again to get the ingredients when I went to the grocery store yesterday.

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Scott Miller


Whoever came up with ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’ was right on.

Enjoy today. And everyday.

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